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Michael D. Dennis | writer

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ISBN-13: 978-0996096409


"An entertaining read with a surprisingly original plot.

For those seeking an edgy novel with an ending that defies prediction,
A Native's Tongue is not to be missed.."

–Annie Peters, ForeWord Reviews

A Native's Tongue
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"As I walked out under the Los Angeles sky, the possibility of becoming something more than a short order cook, living in the valley, and resenting my dysfunctional family occurred to me."

A young man, torn between two women, struggles to find his way in the world in Michael D. Dennis's touching new novel, A Native's Tongue. Charlie Winters is used to just getting by while living with his single mother and working a dead-end job. Meanwhile, he's constantly grappling with the voice of his sister, who died in a tragic car accident years earlier, echoing in his head.


Soon Charlie finds himself immersed in a destructive relationship with an older woman who still fails to fill the void within him. But then he meets Jennifer, whose energy and life convinces Charlie to pursue her-even through the darkest corners of Los Angeles. Escaping to the California coast, Charlie and Jennifer finally find what they've always needed. But a sudden illness quickly pulls them both back to LA.


It is there, amid the sex, drugs, and split-second decisions that pulse through the city, that tragedy strikes–threatening to tear Charlie and Jennifer apart forever. 


About the Author

Michael Dennis is an author and playwright who graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with a degree in English Literature. He was awarded the 2010 LMU Playwriting Award for his play 'Death of a Watchdog'. Michael had his last full-length play, 'Hen in the Field', produced at the Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles in 2012. Michael is a native of Los Angeles and writes fiction based on his personal experiences in the city. He lives with his wife and their two kids in Los Angeles, CA.

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